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Our Story

Founded in 1996, Skylar is a business support consulting firm featuring human resources, accounting, technology, quality management and regulatory services. We seamlessly integrate with your company so that you can focus on what makes your company special. Combining experience and expertise across industries, business functions, and companies of all sizes, Skylar gives your company the infrastructure it needs when it needs it.  

Our human resources consultants include former Fortune 500 executives to professionals who have helped startups navigate from inception to exit. They understand how HR can help provide not only compliance, but also competitive advantage through strategic staffing. Skylar can help your company navigate all of your business challenges, from starting up to restructuring to explosive growth. 

Our accounting professionals give our clients operational insight to help them manage their company. From basic accounting to CFO-level leadership, Skylar is able to assist emerging and mid-sized companies in improving their financial operations and tax compliance.

Our technology consultants come from respected companies that have deployed some of the most advanced technology platforms in the world. From CIOs to system administrators, let Skylar's experts give your company the information backbone that lets your people be productive anywhere, any time.  

Our quality and regulatory professionals have backgrounds in companies large and small and can give your company the quality management system it needs—when it needs it. We always assess our clients' needs and are able to create an ISO-13485 compliant system that is nimble and complete—and can grow with the company's needs, from inception to post-market surveillance. In addition, our consultants include former deputy directors at the FDA, and have helped clients achieve FDA approval.

Yes, we've been there and done that. Successfully.

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